List of Available Testing Facilities

QA testing department (test bench)

  • Ultrasonic flaw detector, Deutsch Echograph 1004
  • Stationary magnetic particle inspection bench, Tiede Universal 600 WE
  • Magnetic hand yoke, Tiede TWM 220
  • Dye penetration test equipment, wet (also fluorescent)
  • Spectral analysis for identification testing, Spectrotest L
  • Hardness tester standard
    a) Frankospop 38532
    b) Isserstedt Garant 150 R
    c) Wolpert Dia 2 Rc
  • Roughness tester, Hommel PZ 5
  • Layer thickness gauge
  • and other typical standard measuring devices


  • Halogen testing equipment
    (Soluble chlorides, fluorides, total chlorine, total fluorine, iron, sulfur)
    a) Filter photometer LP LW, Dr. Lange
    b) Ion meter Research 901, Orion
    c) Haereus/Mettler testing facility with tubular furnace
  • Hardness tester for rubber
  • Rheometer Monsanto 125521
  • Tensile testing for non-metallic materials, Zwick 1445
  • Stereo microscope
  • Leak rate detector (helium leak detector), Edwards & Kniese
  • DSC (thermoanalysis), Netzsch
  • TGA (thermo-gravimetric analysis), Mettler