Computation Service

Our service for the configuration and computationn of gasket joints comprises the following:

  Online calculation programme for starting torques

Accessible in Internet Explorer at

This programme provides the starting torque for each screw based on:

Type of flange and dimensions
Type of screw and screw quality
Type of gasket

The programme is based on a calculation algorithm in accordance with AD2000-7 that uses gasket variables in accordance with EN 13555.

The menu format allows the user to select parameters can from data tables.

Because of its intuitive design, the programme is extremely user-friendly, allowing the user to arrive at the result after entering minimal information. All data entered into the programme are emailed to the user in a .pdf file.

Register at After a short time you will receive an access authorisation by email.

This programme can be used free to charge.

Calculation program flyer in PDF format

Professional flange calculation in compliance with the following regulations:

AD-2000 B7/B8
ASME VIII Div. I, Appendix 2
EN 1591-1

This professional and extremely comprehensive flange joint calculation represents our top level service, and is documented using the following software solution :
PV Elite
The service includes the information required by the standards, as well as a separate listing, containing an overview of all the calculated values.
The calculations are retained in our archive. The can be traced using the appropriate order numbers. In addition, we will supply the calculations on a CD Rom.